DIY: Funeral Flower Repurposing Ideas

Posted on January 19, 2018 by Clarissa Brown under DIY, Memorial
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Following the funeral service of a loved one, you may inherit an abundance of memorial sprays, bouquets or individual flowers. Though the arrangements may be lovely, finding the space in your home could be a challenge.

Rather than tossing these meaningful arrangements in the trash, there are a number of creative ways you can repurpose them.

The following DIY ideas are therapeutic projects that make for great keepsakes and wonderful gifts.


Floral Candles

Floral Candle

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We love this DIY project for recycling funeral flowers. Even better, you can recycle more than just the flowers to make this gorgeous candle. These instructions call for soy candle wax, a jar, candle wicks and essential oils of your choosing. However, you can also reuse old candles by melting them first on the stove.

After pouring your ingredients into your jar, you are left with the perfect memorial candle to keep or re-gift to someone you love.


Sentimental Jewelry

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This video guide is great for learning how to turn your funeral flowers into beads for jewelry. With this DIY involving polymer clay and an oven, you can create anything from bracelets to necklaces and rosaries.

If you are looking to preserve the shape and color of your flowers, creating pendants out of pressed flowers is a great alternative for creating floral jewelry.


Hang and Dry

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This quick and easy project is perfect for those who prefer not to throw away a beautiful arrangement.

It’s as simple as trimming, tying and hanging it upside-down on a wall or ceiling. As your flowers dry, they shrink and lose vibrancy, creating a vintage-style piece of sentimental value.

If you have several bouquets to showcase, you can consider using a plank of wood in which to tie the flowers to and hang on your wall.


“Thank-You” Cards

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This is another simple yet effective DIY for repurposing funeral flowers.

Immediately following the funeral, pick out several individual flowers to begin the pressing process (achieved when placing flowers underneath weight/pressure in order to be flattened). Wait a few days before removing your flattened flowers.

With your now flattened flower, use hot glue to attach it to a plain “Thank-you” card. Feel free to write a personal message of gratitude and send to those who attended your loved one’s funeral.



Click here for step-by-step instructions

If you would rather not press and flatten your flowers, this next project is for you.

After a quick trip to the craft store, you will be displaying your flowers in no time. Shadowboxes are a quick and classy way to create a floral memorial. We also suggest adding a picture of your loved one and/or their name and date of passing.

This project can be customized as much or as minimal as you prefer.



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 Although most people might save this project for the holiday season, we love the look of these home decor ornaments all year round.

Again, this is another simple DIY that involves purchasing a few items. The only craft items you truly need would be clear ornaments and hooks. Many craft stores carry plastic ornaments cut in half, but for a little more dough, you can also use empty glass ornament with a removable top.

Other than the ornament shells and hooks, you can buy whatever else your heart desires– ribbon, glitter, buttons, a picture of your loved one, etc.– to customize and make it your own.



Click here for step-by-step instructions

If you love natural smelling fragrances in your home, you will love this dried flower potpourri.

As you let your flowers dry, douse them with a few drops of essential oils and keep them in a closed container for a couple of weeks. After the oils have soaked into the flowers, you can arrange them in a decorative bowl. Feel free to add in cloves, crystals, rocks, etc. until you’ve arranged it to your liking.

Let us know if you try one of these flower re-purposing DIY projects.
We hope they turn out to be great gifts, memorials and/or therapeutic healing for you.
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